Lust and Found


Violence, chaos and bad romance arise when a pack of counterfeit money sets off for a kidnapping campaign.


Lust and Found is one of these movies you want to watch over and over again. I've seen many movies in my life, over 10 grand in total... Lust and Found is a long movie, with the space to expand and explore all it's features. The main actor plays extremely suggestively, naturally and emotionally. His creation is undoubtedly one of the best in this film and also one of the best in the actor's career. But this diversity of dialogues is the essence of this film, they arouse the audience's respect, especially against the backdrop of today's cinema. The soundtrack is the biggest advantage of this film. I have not found full movie of Lust and Found anywhere else so I uploaded it here on Show more

Directors: Lawrence Gray
Countries: Hong Kong
Release: 2015-07-17
Duration: 88 min
IMDb Rating: 4.4
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