Warren - Season 1


An original comedy series about the life of Warren Thompson, a pedantic driving instructor who thinks the world is against him. Martin Clunes will appear as Warren, who is forced to move south to Preston when his partner Anna's father falls ill. Warren suddenly finds himself in an area where he doesn't like work that he's not emotionally interested in, and takes care of two stepchildren he didn't want. Or they would be his half-sons if he could only come in and marry Anna. Warren loves Anne and Anne always sees him well - what annoys him is cute and funny. But Warren has a way of knowing the best and speaking in his head, which inevitably leads to conflict, chaos, and disaster for those around him, and especially for himself. Warren doesn't support the concept of graceful aging. He is quite happy that he is still balancing against the world and trying to repair his perceived damage. Warren has no happy ending when he struggles with the problems and misunderstandings he has created.... Show more


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Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 2019-02-25
IMDb Rating: 6.2
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