Tweety's High-Flying Adventure


animated full-length film with the little yellow bird. When Colonel Rimfire Looney club announced on the belief that cats are the most intelligent animals, Granny, trying enough money raise to the nearby park to save for children, a bet that makes their tweets, the world fly around in 80 days can collect pawprints of 80 cats in the process. Sylvester still hope that tweets your personal snack, at the thought of one other cat is outraged and small bird first and vows tweets around to follow the world and to catch the same canary.... Show more


Tweety's High-Flying Adventure isn't just a beautifully crafted Adventure movie, it's something more. Tweety's High-Flying Adventure was again a great choice for last saturday evening. I sat for a long time after I ended watching Tweety's High-Flying Adventure, reflecting on my life. In my opinion, some of the actors roles were just a masterpieces which made an amazing impression on me. I did not notice any single thing wrong in this movie. Easily the movie with the best dialogues ever. There is no place like this website with free movie online so I uploaded this full film here.... Show more

Release: 2000
Duration: 72 min
IMDb Rating: 6
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