Children Who Chase Lost Voices


The arrival of history with the participation of young love and mysterious music, which comes from a crystal radio, who comes as a souvenir as a souvenir for a wisest father, who leads a young heroine deep into a hidden world.


I have watched this movie once again today and this movie is really amazing. No finer movie has ever been made in Adventure category... and it is now for free. This movie literally has everything. This is a movie you can watch online with any crowd of people, and everyone will enjoy it at least a little. The main actor plays extremely suggestively, naturally and emotionally. His creation is undoubtedly one of the best in this film and also one of the best in the actor's career. This is a movie which you have to watch online!. The whole plot of Children Who Chase Lost Voices can be interpreted in many ways, but I think the movie is even too short. I have not found full movie of Children Who Chase Lost Voices anywhere else so I uploaded it here on Show more

Release: 2011
Duration: 116 min
IMDb Rating: 7.2
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