A boy named George Jung grew up in a difficult family in the 1950s. His mother is mad at her husband when he tries to make a living to support his family. In the end, it turns out that George's father cannot make a living and the family goes bankrupt. George doesn't want the same thing to happen to him, and his friend Tuna in the 1960s suggests selling marijuana. He's a big hit in California in the 1960s, but goes to prison where he learns about the wonders of cocaine. When he was released, he became rich and brought cocaine to America. However, he will soon pay the price.... Show more


Blow is one of the best movies, I've ever watched. I've seen many movies in my life, over 10 grand in total... If a movie can keep me focused for the full movie time, that's really great. The music deepens the impression, perfectly emphasizing the mood of what is happening on the screen. But this diversity of dialogues is the essence of this film, they arouse the audience's respect, especially against the backdrop of today's cinema. Whoever has not seen let it rush in front of the TV, because this movie just has to be seen. I did not find this movie full on any other website so I uploaded it here.... Show more

Directors: Ted Demme
Countries: United States
Release: 2001-04-06
Duration: 124 min
IMDb Rating: 7.6
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