Pokémon Heroes


In the magical water city of canals and labyrinths, Ash, Pikachu and the rest of the gang fight two skillful thieves who plan to steal an amazing and dangerous gem called Soul Rosa, which is guarded by Latios and Latias. To save the city from complete destruction, our heroes must overcome the evil duo and overcome impossible obstacles ... but time is running out!


Pokémon Heroes is one of the best movies released in year 2002. I've seen many movies in my life, over 10 grand in total... I sat for a long time after I ended watching Pokémon Heroes, reflecting on my life. The real power of this production is an acting game of actor and others, that is amazing. An movie highly valued for me. Easily to say, this movie has one of the best dialogues ever. I decided to upload Pokémon Heroes here.

Countries: Japan
Release: 2002-07-13
Duration: 71 min
IMDb Rating: 6.1
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