Anacondas: Trail of Blood


Immediately after completing Anaconda 3, herpetologist Amanda Hayes finally learns the true face of her employer Murdoch when she hires a doctor to collect fresh orchid blood supplies and experiment with regenerative nectar on an infant snake to treat her own incurable disease Find. Amanda is forced to secretly collect another team of scientists fighting a heavily armed team of Murdoch's men to steal the longed-for orchids before Anaconda's killer reaches both ends.


Anacondas: Trail of Blood is one of my favorite movies from year 2009. However, those who hate such films will not be disappointed, because the dialogues led by the main characters are brilliant. Anacondas: Trail of Blood is a specific movie, not everyone likes it, but it's impressive. I recommend to watch it online before you buy it. In addition, we also have great music. An movie highly valued for me. The whole plot of Anacondas: Trail of Blood can be interpreted in many ways, but I think the movie is even too short. I have not found full movie of Anacondas: Trail of Blood anywhere else so I uploaded it here on Show more

Release: 2009-02-28
Duration: 89 min
IMDb Rating: 3
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