A nurse in the Alma psychiatric clinic receives a new patient. Elisabet Vogler is a famous actress, but suddenly she became apathetic, lethargic, dumb, and tended to laugh at random, harmless things. Alma does everything to engage Elisabet and force her to speak, but the more Alma opens up to Elisabet, the more she feels sorry for her and becomes like her.


Persona isn't just a beautifully crafted Drama movie, it's something more. Persona was again a great choice for last saturday evening. This movie got everything what a movie should have, and I'm assured that anyone who see the full movie Persona will enjoy it. I was afraid that knowledge of the plot would in some way take away the joy of watching, but it did not happen. Persona is undoubtedly the production that once again confirmed the artistry of Ingmar Bergman and his great talent. Whoever has not seen let it rush in front of the TV, because this movie just has to be seen. Now stream in hd or download Persona here.... Show more

Directors: Ingmar Bergman
Countries: Sweden
Release: 1966-10-18
Duration: 83 min
IMDb Rating: 8.1
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