Suddenly, Last Summer


Rich Harridan, Violet Venoval (Katharine Hepburn), trying. John Cukrowicz (Montgomery Clift), a young psycho-surgeon from New Orleans, a psychiatric hospital of Louisiana, who needs desperate resources, in the Lowimization of Niece, Catherine Holly (Lady Elizabeth Taylor). Violet wants the surgery to be executed to prevent the memory of the memory of her son, Sebastian poet (Julián Ugarte). Catherines Obsnic about the mysterious death of Sebastian, who experienced the previous summer together in Spain together.... Show more


Suddenly, Last Summer is one of the greatest movies I ever seen online. Suddenly, Last Summer was again a great choice for last saturday evening. If a movie can keep me focused for the full movie time, that's really great. I was afraid that knowledge of the plot would in some way take away the joy of watching, but it did not happen. I did not notice any single thing wrong in this movie. The soundtrack is the biggest advantage of this film. I did not find this movie elsewhere, so I decided to upload it to this website.... Show more

Release: 1959
Duration: 114 min
IMDb Rating: 7.6
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