Not Since You


A group of late twenty-something friends who have not seen each other since their collegiate NYU days prior to 9/11 reconvene in Athens, Georgia for the wedding of one of their own, Ashley, to Daniel, the wedding a weekend long affair to be held at Ashley's uncle's estate. Once best friends Howard Stieglitz and Billy Sweetzer have been estranged for years after Billy started dating Howard's then girlfriend, Victoria Gary. Howard believes he is still in love with Victoria. Billy and Victoria love each other and want to get married, but Billy still feels the need for Howard's approval before doing so, which is a difficult task seeing as Howard even refuses to speak to Billy. While Howard fumes over seeing Billy and Victoria together, he spends the weekend trying to find investors for his fledgling biodiesel company. Children's book author Sarah "Doogs" Doogins has saved herself for marriage, but has second thoughts about when to lose her virginity after running into old friend Joey "Fudge" Fudgler. What Doogs does not know is that Fudge has become emotionally disturbed after a specific incident in his life made him believe that alcohol is his salvation. A surprise attendee at the wedding is writer Sam Nelson, who fell off the radar of life after his wanderlust made him want to travel and explore the world. He and Amy Smith were in love, but Amy just didn't have that same desire to follow him in his travels. Before arriving at the wedding, Sam had no idea that Amy has since gotten married to an understanding man named Ryan Roberts. Ryan's understanding nature may change when he sees that Sam and Amy still have some feelings for each other. Over the course of the weekend, the friends have to come to terms with their unresolved emotions and feelings toward each other.... Show more


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Directors: Jeff Stephenson
Countries: United States
Release: 2010-05-14
Duration: 90 min
IMDb Rating: 5.6
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