Hatufim - Season 2


After 17 years in captivity, the Israeli soldiers Nimrode Klein, Uri Zach and Amiel Ben Horin return to the country that has made them national icons. They are working to overcome the trauma of torture and imprisonment and to return to an interrupted family life. In the meantime, the assigned military psychiatrist finds inconsistencies in the soldiers' statements and initiates an investigation to find out what they are hiding.


This tv show is so strong, really good script, great acting, top directing. I have watched this production a many times, but I still can't find answer for the question, what made it such a unique atmosphere, I'm curious about your opinions, that's why I'm putting you online for free and I'm waiting for your answers in the comments. I know it's know from being a mainstream popular tv show, but honestly it's a really entertaining tv series. You just have to watch it! There are many reasons, although I would pay the greatest attention to immortal acting. Everytime I watch Hatufim - Season 2 tv show online, I'm really enjoying the music, it is just pure soul of this tv show. It owes its phenomenon to continuous action and increasing tension, which drops only after the screening. So everyone now can see it online for free.... Show more

Countries: Israel
Release: 2012-10-01
IMDb Rating: 8.4
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