Sliding Doors


When Helen comes to work one morning, she realizes that she has been wrongly released from PR work. She returns home when something amazing happens, time goes back a few seconds, and a second version of her is created. In reality, Helen gets on a subway, meets James, and returns home to find his repulsive lover Lothario Gerry, who is cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend Lidia. In another reality, Helen misses the train, is attacked, goes to the hospital, and finally returns home to find Gerry in the shower. Two realities move together; in one leaves Helen Gerry and creates a happy, new, loving relationship with James; In the second life, Helen gets more and more miserable when she takes two jobs to support her worthless, fraudulent friend who appears to be writing his novel but actually has a hot romance with Lidia.... Show more


Sliding Doors is one of my favorite movies from year 1998. I've seen many movies in my life, over 10 grand in total... If a movie can keep me focused for the full movie time, that's really great. In addition, we also have great music. The director of Sliding Doors is really a genius. I regret that I did not see online Sliding Doors before, although I had the opportunity. I did not find this movie full on any other website so I uploaded it here.

Directors: Peter Howitt
Release: 1998-05-01
Duration: 99 min
IMDb Rating: 6.7
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