Pie in the Sky - Season 1


Henry Crabbe is a detective inspector who gets shot in the line of duty, following which he wants to retire to open a restaurant--the titular Pie in the Sky--as cooking, especially of good English-styled cuisine with a modern twist, is his passion in life. However, standing in his way of this dream is his boss, Assistant Chief Constable Freddy Fisher, who refuses to issue a full retirement pension because of an incident in which Henry was shot has raised some questions about Henry's police conduct. In reality, Freddy knows that Henry is innocent of any impropriety, but he uses this only as a reason to keep Henry, Freddy's "brains," on the force: Henry does all the brain work, Freddy gets all the glory. However, Freddy does allow Henry to work on a part-time or on-call-as-needed basis (i.e. whenever Freddy is in a jam, which is always) while the shooting incident is investigated. This leaves the possibility of a full pension in the future if Henry is cleared, but in the meantime, it also allows Henry to open his dream restaurant with all this extra time he has on his hands. Because of Henry's position on the police force, the restaurant is on paper owned by Henry's accountant wife, Margaret, on whom good food is wasted. Although Margaret supports Henry's dream, she would rather the restaurant be solely operated in a cost-efficient-effective manner, regardless of the result of food quality. Henry balances his police force and restaurant life, the latter of which is populated partially by ex-cons working in his kitchen.... Show more


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Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 1994-03-13
IMDb Rating: 7.5
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